Dear Neighbor,
My name is Ionel Roiban and I am running for City Commissioner Boynton Beach District 1. If elected, I will vote to reduce the tax burden and regulations, for greater oversight of the city's finances, to revitalize infrastructure, ramp up economic development, support local police and the safety of our citizens.
Today, I respectfully ask for your vote on Tuesday, March 12. Vote by vote, seat by seat, we can all work together to make a better Boynton Beach for all of us. Together we can improve the city by pursuing the services and facilities we desire, create a more unique living experience and increased vitality throughout the entire city and work to restore the public’s trust in our elected officials and the future our our great city.
I love Boynton Beach and its wonderful people
The election on March 12, 2019 was a call to action for me, as it was for so many of us. As the time approached to file to run for office, I asked myself some hard questions.
How do we make Boynton Beach not just “the city we live in” but also one of most admired towns in South Florida? Is the city doing well? What can we all do to help people here? Is there a way for me to use my skills and abilities to help my community? My decision was clear: I decided it was time for me to step up and be the change I wanted to see in our city. Because I love Boynton Beach and its wonderful people.
And since then, people have told me over and over that they are looking for a change, right here in Boynton Beach. They want people representing them who understand the biggest issues our city is currently facing. They want elected officials who will listen and include them when creating public policy. They want to trust that municipal candidates are in this race for this city and for its citizens, not for the money or to serve special interests or a hidden agenda.
We need new voices in the local goverment, we need more people willing to serve in the best interests of the people of Boynton Beach. We need more people willing to listen with an empathetic ear to their constituents.
And so, I am ready to listen to the people of Boynton Beach and be your voice at the City Commission. I am eager to change our “municipal bureaucracy” culture and be a part of creating a better local government with a City Commission where every member is working hard for the people they serve.
I know that most of you share these same concerns, and share a love for this City that drives your desire to see Boynton Beach become a place where we can all thrive.
My Self Funded Campaign
When I first began my run for City Commissioner, I had no idea of the level of influence builders, associations, unions and various committees have on campaigns. I truly believed a city commissioner represented the people of their district and the money they spent was limited. The sad thing is that is far from the truth.
Money dominates most campaigns and the influence of groups is astonishing. I am self funding my own campaign because I feel we should expect better from our elected officials, and not owe anyone favors once elected. We should elect based on character, integrity, and honesty not on who has the largest campaign bank account.
Because of my limited budget, I have to be extremely thrifty and decided early on that mass mailings cannot be afforded and therefore I started going door-to-door instead of mailbox-to-mailbox. My expenses so far have been the ballot registration fee & yard signs totaling about $900.
Maybe I am naive, but I have faith that the voters in Boynton Beach will not blindly vote for the candidates who spend the most money but instead they will seek to find out each candidate’s positions in order to make an educated decision come Election Day.
Instead of seeking endorsements from politicians and special interest groups or spending the money on media, I would rather my supporters personally tell their friends and neighbors about my campaign and to encourage them to vote, and I thank you for spreading my message and continuing to support me.
My Top 3 Priorities
Finding the right balance between respecting our heritage and becoming relevant is critical to the financial well-being and vibrancy of Boynton Beach. This requires engaging and communicating with residents and business owners, presenting all the trade-offs with the decisions that the residents need to make, studying best practices elsewhere, seeking development ideas from pros around the country and, first and foremost, developing a roadmap on what we want Boynton Beach to be like 10 years from now – a truly visionary comprehensive plan incorporating the commons, road/infrastructure needs, residential development standards and what we want to keep on, and keep off.
First, Taxes and the Economy
While many municipalities are struggling with reduced funding from the State, Boynton Beach should continue to provide excellent service to its residents. With increased budget in the years to come, we should also see an improvement to all services provided by the city. Reducing your city taxes, pursuing alternate sources of income through grants and matching funds, for Fire Department and Police training and equipment and for roads and city services improvements. We need to stimulate existing businesses and entice new ones to relocate to Boynton Beach, bringing in creative projects that blend technology and innovation.
Second, Safety & Infrastructure
Going forward, I believe we need to ensure that our infrastructure (i.e., Water, Traffic, our highly regarded Police, Fire, and EMS), is capable of handling the projects planned and the population growth. We need to add more Police patrol cars in the city without any additional charge to the residents. As Commissioner, I will urge the city to be more proactive towards the importance and urgency of school safety and the safety of our senior citizens in Leisureville and the neighborhoods. Furthermore, although I feel we need to progress, I also think we need to preserve our City's history.
Third, Direct Savings for our Residents
Re-negotiate contracts, saving money for the city, with a moratorium on automatic contract cost increases. Implement programs resulting in significant cost savings and a price cap on utility prices. We need to work on multi-year follow-on contracts for future savings. We have to pursue other sources of income through grants and business sponsorships to save taxpayer dollars and to be working to find lower cost alternatives and improved values before each contract ends. If elected, I will be a fiscal conservative and keep Boynton Beach’s taxes as low as possible while continuing to provide exceptional service to our residents.
I would be honored to have your support
Boynton Beach has been home to me for more than 15 years because it’s a great place to live, work and raise a family. Together we can work to restore the public’s trust in our elected officials and the future for our great city, standing tall against the lobbyists, the politically connected, and special interest groups.
If you give me your vote in the Municipal Election on March 12, I promise to keep listening to you and represent all residents fairly and equally. And, if elected, I promise to do this job with the spirit of public service and moral clarity that the people of Boynton Beach deserve.
Together, we should have a city that we’re all proud to call home!
It is much appreciated.
Ionel Roiban
P.S. Please remember that the Municipal Election Day this year is Tuesday, March 12. Voting hours are 7 am - 7 pm.
To lookup your voting location go to the Supervisor of Elections Precinct Finder. For precincts and polling places or for more information, please visit Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections website.
And if you need any other information, please call me at 561-702-9200. I want to talk with you and hear your concerns for our district and our city. Thank you!

Paid for and approved by Ionel Roiban for Boynton Beach City Commissioner - District 1